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Whether it's Art Nouveau that attracts you or you're just looking for a French poster for your interior, this board will help you escape to the world of French…
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an advertisement for the french circus jacoun
Affiches diverses et publicitaires anciennes - Page 35
Affiches publicitaires
an advertisement for the french circus jacoun
Opera News
¤ Leonetto Cappiello - La folie des bonbons Jacquin,12 rue Pernette, Paris
an old poster with a woman laying in bed on top of her stomach and the words'dux reve '
Jules-Alexandre Grün (1898)
¤ Doux rêve. avoir une bicyclette Kymris. Magasin de vente 2 bd Emile Auger Paris-Passy. Atelier et correspondances 9 rue de la Pompe, Garage pour automobiles, 9 rue MontRosier, Neuilly, Porte Maillot. Jules-Alexandre Grün (1898)
an advertisement for the french perfume brand bourjois, featuring a man and woman kissing
'Soir de Paris' Parfums de Bourjois - Paris
¤ Alphonse Mucha. Poster for ‘Bleuze-Hadancourt Parfumeur’ 8 rue d'Enghien, Paris (1900). Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha, Decoupage, Alphonse Mucha Art, Alfons Mucha, Mucha, Mucha Art
¤ Alphonse Mucha. Poster for ‘Bleuze-Hadancourt Parfumeur’ 8 rue d'Enghien, Paris (1900).
an advertisement for the french women's tennis team, featuring a woman holding a racket
¤ Achelez le Timbre Antituberculeux (buy the anti-tuberculosis stamp), public health poster ca.1917
an advertisement for champagne with a woman holding a glass
Oude #champagne affiche van Joseph Perrier.
an advertisement for the biscuit's lefevre une, with a woman in a dress holding a fan -&nbspcitrinitas Resources and Information.
¤ Biscuits Lefèvre-Utile 1897 by Alphonse Mucha. Vintage art nouveau ad. The LU biscuits still exist. ..
a woman in pink is leaning over a box with a cat on it and the words les bas gui written below her
French Vtg Dust Pink Nightgown / Nightdress 40s | Etsy
¤ French ad for 'les bas Gui' // stockings branded Gui
an advertisement for the eastern railway of france, featuring a woman in black and white
Nature Culture - Blog sur Développement Durable et la Nature
La reine des plages - Côte d'Emeraude. Plage de St.-Malo
an advertisement for the royal blue book of corset styles, 1915 - 1940
The Royal Blue Book of Correct Corset Styles - 1914
an old poster with a woman sitting on it's back and the words guide officil
Mucha’s Zodiac
¤ Guide Officiel des sections autrichiennes de l'Exposition Universelle Paris 1900
an old poster with a woman sitting at a piano and the words errap pianos on it
Erard pianos : [affiche] / Maurice Biais
Ad for Erard Piano by Maurice Biais (1875-1926), 1902, Erard Pianos,.
an old book cover with a woman holding flowers in her hand and the words, j c boldoott eau de cologne parfumerie