Lego Taj Mahal with reflecting pool

"Lego Taj Mahal" by Arthur Gurick [click through to see 34 other famous monuments recreated in Legos]

LEGO Colosseum by TheBrickMan, via Flickr

Certified Lego builder Ryan McNaught has just created the world's first Lego Colosseum. The model is half in its present day ruined form and half as it was when Rome's original Colosseum was built circa 80 AD.

Lego Atomium (Belgium)

35 Stunning Examples of Lego Architecture

Lego Abu Simbel

The Great Temple at Abu Simbel (here by customBRICKS) was completed around 1265 BC and was dedicated to the gods Amun, Ra-Horakhty, and Pta.

Recreate one of the most iconic buildings in the world! Super deluxe Lego version of the Sydney Opera House.

Image 1 of 6 from gallery of LEGO® Unveils Brick Sydney Opera House. Photograph by The LEGO® Group