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an older woman looking at her cell phone in front of the word love spelled out
#IoT helps seniors. 🧓👵
Thanks to home automation, they can stay safe at home by relying less on their caregivers. #Legrand #Smarthome
three different images with the words design and an image of a person's hand
Our designers are inspired by technological trends to imagine high-quality and cutting-edge solutions to meet the problems of tomorrow. 🏙 #Legrand #Design #Innovation
an appliance with the words product displayed next to it and other items on display
💡At #Legrand, we have conceptualized the term "Georganic"
It is the alliance between the geometric and organic aspects of the #design of our products.
a man sitting at a desk using a laptop computer
The perfect all-in-one solution for the individual workstation
Incara Disq 80 combines all the essential functions in a single elegant, beautifully-crafted and easy-to-install solution : power, USB-A+C, Ethernet. #legrand #incara #indesk #desksetup #individualdesk #deskdesign #usb #usb-c #power #ethernet #furnituredesign #coworkingspace #designyourworkspace #deskgoals #homeoffice #interior #officedesign #officeinspiration #officespace #spaceplanning #workspace #workspacedesign #workspacegoals #workspaceinspiration #workspaceinspo #workspaces #workstation
an electronic device with a cord attached to it sitting on top of some papers and paper
Legrand’s Incara Electr'On wins the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2022
The “Red Dot” is an award for the highest design quality. With an evaluation process lasting several days, the entries from all over the world are scrutinized in detail and assessed in terms of their design quality and degree of innovation.
two people sitting on couches in an office with laptops and papers scattered around them
Recharge anywhere, at anytime #Incara can be seamlessly integrated into all types of furniture so end-users can plug-in easily and get on with their daily lives. #Legrand #design #usb #usbc #workstation #workspace
#Legrand #Bticino #Arnould #design #Axolute #Celiane #Valena #Synergy #Art #Adorne Legrand Switches, Door Molding Kit, Door Molding, Mold Kit, Molding, The Way
Legrand switches
For many years and in many ranges Legrand has been reinventing the way to control lights. The result? A variety of ergonomic options, available in different designs.
three different types of electrical equipment are shown
The Legrand and Bticino solutions represent an answer to the widest application needs, from system start up to its connection to the low-voltage mains, always guaranteeing the maximum level of protection. Ready-fit #cabinets for #protection of #residential #photovoltaic installations include AC/DC protection and surge protection. They combine simplicity of choice, implementation and safety.
three different types of electrical devices are shown in this image, one is black and the other is white
Legrand wiring devices not only provide the functionality that suits any modern lifestyle. The latest smart offerings for the connected home allow you to benefi t from upcoming technologies and to control you home quite intuitively from your smartphone.
three different types of switches and knobs on a white wall, one with silver trim
Wherever your home, whatever your design preferences and budget: Legrand wiring device ranges allow to create functional and beautiful living spaces that perfectly reflect your personality. Choose from a variety of options that suit every segment and virtually every standard.
a white wall mounted device with a blue circle on the front and black back panel
Class 300EOS videophone | Wi-Fi connected | Alexa wireless built-in
Class 300EOS Connected is the new BTicino WiFi videophone. Class 300EOS with Netatmo with integrated Amazon Alexa voice assistant is a wireless videophone that allows calls and video door entry unit functions to be managed remotely, thanks to communication between smartphone and wifi videophone.
an electrical outlet with two switches and one light switch
Available for all major standards, Legrand wiring devices certainly meet all requirements, whatever the project, wherever in the world.
a person holding an iphone in their hand with the app on it's screen
Placche Living Now | Placche BTicino connesse con WiFi di casa
Home + Control
a white bedroom with black and white bedding, nightstands, and curtains on the windowsill
Placche Living Now | Placche BTicino connesse con WiFi di casa
Scegli il tuo stile
a white wall with wooden paneling and the words living now written in spanish on it
Placche Living Now | Placche BTicino connesse con WiFi di casa
Living Now è stata pensata per adattarsi a tutte le case. La nuova serie BTicino è sempre Living ma completamente rinnovata nell'estetica e nelle funzioni. Con Living Now puoi controllare interruttori e prese direttamente dal tuo Smartphone