Figurines japonaises

Figurines japonaises en terre cuite ou papier mâché.
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three colorful fish hanging from hooks on a wooden stand in front of a white background
three small cat figurines in plastic bags on a yellow surface with japanese writing
small toy figurines are arranged on a white surface
a drawing of some type of object with chinese characters on it's sides and the words kuso written in different languages
Kiuso - 木鷽 - Les petits oiseaux mensonge du Usokae 鷽替え
a small white rock with a brown and yellow bird on it's head sitting on a blue surface
8823design’s tumblr
a ceramic figurine sitting on top of a yellow surface
a bird made out of toilet paper sitting on top of a wooden pole
Diy, Bird, Electronic Products, Creatures
新井天神に木鷽を買いに行く(2019年バージョン) – コトリ1号ブログ
a small toy dog with an orange and blue shirt on
郷土玩具のオンラインショップ(商品一覧) - 加賀人形と金沢の郷土玩具:中島めんやオンラインショップ
a red and white bear statue sitting on top of a black table next to a wall
an orange and black tiger toy laying on its side
a ceramic figurine of a panda bear holding a red and yellow ball in its paws
「張り子 五 月 人形」の検索結果
a small white bird figurine with flowers on it's body and wings
a yellow and white ceramic animal with horns on its head, wearing a red shirt