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Need to find a way to make a women's wallet out of the pockets of my old uniforms!

I thought Naruto was going to hug his dad after so long without knowing who he was. I was crying. It was so happy and so sad. then Naruto hit him.

warable ★ devinatART

This is WAY too stinkin cute! 7 by warable on deviantART - Jiraiya, Kushina, and Minato Haha :) Jiraiya you stinker!

Ils ont du oublier que Sakura est genre physiquement plus forte qu'elle en a l'air XD

Sakura, Sasuke, Madara, Obito & Itachi - by 死猫晴, [pixiv] they need to remember Sakura is much stronger than them. Suck it Uchiha's!

Naruto - Le mariage de Naruto et Hinata, Sasuke et Sakura, Saï et Ino,Temari et Shikamaru, mais Tenten la pauvre elle est seul.

AHHHHH THEY LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL even though i don't ship some of them. i wish there was lee, kiba, and shino with tenten so she wouldn't be lonely. And is that itachi throwing flowers from the sky at sakura and susuke?