Perfectly painted grey and blush minimal space with antique mirror and painted bust

Styled Life - Hey look, I found an image with "lighting" and monochromatic furniture! We can use this as reference for setting up the "lower stage.

Bleu mur étagère deco

Murs et accessoires indigo pour votre déco

LA roue…

100 Diagrams That Changed the World

Color Wheel (Moses Harris, Moses Harris's chart was the first full-color circle. The 18 colors of his wheel were derived from what he then called the three 'primitive' colors: red, yellow and blue. At the center of the wheel, Harris showed that black

pour le bureau/ chambre d'amis.  une porte coulissante colorée !

Creating a room within a room with a pocket door divider. (Great for kids who have to share a room but want a bit of their own space.) Some great ideas, many contemporary style.

Rose Quartz et Serenity Pantone®. Some home palette inspiration using Pantone's 2016 colors.

Pantone® : les couleurs 2016

Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year Part Serenity. Serenity is so luxurious on a velvet sofa… Or on a crisp, striped pouf.

{ Les Jeudis Graphiques } Donner du peps à son balcon sur | @decocrush

{ Les Jeudis Graphiques } Donner du peps à son balcon !

How amazing is the use of clean, sharp graphics and color in this small patio! Paint, tiles and painters tape make a usually small, boring, often ignored space- a unique special one!