I laughed way to hard at this

Your delivery has arrived…

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Probably The Best Advice Ever

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They never shut up... THATS ME!!!!

green+brown+gold = hazel eyes = me. I just have green hazel eyes. The shyness thing doesn't explain me too much.


Especially when your reading Percy Jackson or Divergent Series<<< especially if it's a cute guy reading Jane Austen's

actually... i can eat two cupcakes WITH FROSTING at once. and i dont make a mess. Yeah, im pretty proud about that.

Not gonna lie, story of my life. Yet im still proud to cram a donut into my pie hole.



That Long-awaited Book Has Eventually Arrived ! Thought you should know that the book, "Understanding Women" is finally out in paperback.check it out at CNA and Exclusive Books.


Never thought it would've been from Super Mario of all places. <<<It's not FROM it, someone just edited it, dipshit<<< wow. Don't talk to me or my son ever again<<< omfg.

IDEBK I'm going to start using that

Yep, I agree with you Newt, why the heck are letters in maths? I thought letters are in english?