clay bird

little birds! I can imagine these painted and with a craft feather attached. I'm thinkin to graders will like this! Need access to a kiln to make the whole project ourselves.

Clay Bird tutorial

jessica jane: HANDMADE: Holiday Ornament Tutorial - how to create a clay bird ornament. Maybe it's not too late to add birds to my Easter decorations!


Sue - pic only. The star and house would make a good Xmas ornament, but add more detail to the house.

Polymer clay antler earrings...I'd rather do spray painted twigs!

The Gilded Hare: DIY Stag Earrings. Use general idea of tutorial, but mix translucent and white clay and shape around a wire frame for strength + delicacy.

LOVEFour handmade polymer clay houses  Word Houses  by SkyeArt

Little LOVE houses...Four handmade keepsake clay houses ... Text Houses ... instant little neighborhood

Birthday gift  .. all you need is love ...5 handmade polymer clay houses ... Word Houses ... Beatles lyrics. $48.00, via Etsy.

all you need is love 5 by SkyeArt personally, i think it's a relatively useless sentiment, but i like the idea of stamped houses

Tiny Clay House Mobile

Tiny Clay House Mobile

clay house

Necklace - Pastel Purple clay house Easter necklace easter pastel colors

mini clay houses found at thelittlereddoor on Etsy.

This brings guessed it!