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a black bird with an orange beak standing on a branch
Merle noir - Photos, page 1
Merle noir © Jean-Louis Corsin
a groundhog sitting on top of a log
little buddha
Please make the choice to be kind, compassionate, peaceful and loving to ALL animals. They are not "ours" to harm, enslave, exploit, kill, eat, etc. GO VEGAN - with so many plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy and eggs - it has never been easier!
a baby donkey standing next to an adult horse
an eagle is standing in front of the water
An amazing encounter. Ubaye Valley France
a red squirrel is looking at the water with its reflection in it's body
♥ BiEennnVEnueee ChEEzzZ ZééZéééTee ♥ - Page 556
a groundhog standing on its hind legs and looking at the camera with an alert look
Marmotte dans la montagne #mapauseentrecopines
a blue and brown bird sitting on top of a tree branch
Geai des chênes - Garrulus glandarius - Eurasian Jay
Geai des chênes © Jules FOUARGE
a mountain goat standing on the side of a cliff
Le bouquetin des Alpes
Le bouquetin des Alpes : 20 animaux à observer dans leur état naturel en France - Linternaute
two red squirrels eating nuts in the woods
a small bird sitting on top of a piece of wood
Rougequeue à front blanc
a butterfly sitting on top of a purple flower next to rocks and flowers in the grass
#papillons #fleur #alpes
a small animal standing on top of a large rock
Haute vallée de l'Ubaye (13) - Oiseaux et Compagnie
Haute vallée de l'Ubaye
a small goat standing on top of a rock
Jeune bouquetin, Mercantour, France