Ane à imprimer

Ane à imprimer pour faire un paper toy - Tête à modeler

L'âne de Balaam

Balaam’s Donkey This craft will help the kiddos remember to always listen to what God says and not be as stubborn as Balaam. And like Balaam’s donkey, to always speak up when it comes to standing up for Gods truth.

The Wonky Donkey - printable donkey split pin puppet

The Wonky Donkey story - printable donkey split pin puppet. Use this with the book and link in with a lesson on rhyming. Great book idea for younger grade

Bible Class Creations: Balaam's Talking Donkey Craft

Balaam& Talking Donkey Craft Numbers The exciting part of this donkey is that his mouth can actually move (with a l.

Children's Bible Lessons: Lesson - Balaam's Donkey Speaks!

A donkey speaks to teach a lesson. Easy, simple, inexpensive Bible lessons for children.

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