La pureté d'un blanc éclatant, aucune tâches sombre sur le tableau ni même a l'horizon.

Christmas is coming !

After the snow fall all is silent.a winter wonderland !how beautiful ! I enjoy a pretty snowfall.


Dandelion off center photo, capturing the beauty of a weed closeup. I really enjoy how the dandelion takes over the photo.


Today's board is for our Lulu Bell. We're all thinking of you xxx (pinning white soft images, with occasional healing word quotes on white)

Jardin sous la neige

Winter can be harsh, cold and usually long. However, they can be beautiful, too! Here are 20 enchanting Winter scene wallpapers for your desktop.


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Gabulle in wonderland: Intérieurs blancs et poétiques.

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presqu' un tableau abstrait

Located beside a waterfall, the branches on this tree were thickly coated with frost that weighted them down. Not being able to get a good shot of the whole tree I decided to create a tight shot of a few branches.

Ocean Primitive's Inspirations

Beaches are beautiful. Yet this one lacks colour. Although it is relaxing, it is a beautiful thing that lacks colour.

"The sign of a beautiful person, is that they always see beauty in others.