-Valérie Belin-  'Painted Daisy' (Carmine Blush Chrysanths. 2010)

Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York - Valérie Belin painted Daisy (Carmine Blush Chrysanths), 2010

-Valérie Belin-  'Chrysanthemun'  (Tokyo. 2010)

Artworks by Valérie Belin I don’t know anything about Valérie’s work process. Via Feature Shoot.

-Valérie Belin-  'Bride-Fromaxx (2012)

-Valérie Belin- 'Bride-Fromaxx (2012)

-Valérie Belin-  'Choisya'   (Mexican Orange Blossom. 2010)

❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful photography of women and flowers - Valerie Belin, woman in flower

-Valérie Belin-  'Calendua'   (Marigold. 2010)

Black-eyed Susan ©Valérie Belin, _ Think I already posted this buuuut oh well.

-Valérie Belin-  'Bride-Videos Magazines'  (2012)

-Valérie Belin- 'Bride-Videos Magazines' (2012)

-Valérie Belin-  'Phlox new Hybrid'  (with Dahlia Redskin. 2010)

The Language of Flowers, Phlox New Hybrid (with Dahlia Redskin), Valerie Belin.