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Whatever the format, our Emilie bag attracts admiring glances. The line combines elegant details that are intentionally highlighted or placed discreetly, depending on the season. Here, a new pointed double flap reveals the signature T jewellery on this model. It is asking to be worn as much as it is asking to be noticed. This little model is, in its own way, responsible for the reputation of this iconic line. Photo Credit : @kader_bz Small Handbags, Shoulder Strap
No matter its format, our Emilie bag captures and plays with one's gaze. The line brings together elegant details, voluntarily highlighted or discreetly placed, depending on the season. This elegant model asks to be observed just as much as it does to be worn, and helps forge this emblematic line's reputation. Photo Credit : @audreyafs Suits, Jackets, Trench Coat