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three different views of an aircraft flying in the sky with blue lights on its wings
Battlecarrier Concept by DevilDalek on DeviantArt
two cars and a truck in the desert
Transformers Rise Of The Beast – Autobot & Terrorcon Group Shots With Director Steven Caple Jr.
an armored tank with green lights on the front and back wheels is shown in this image
TRON-zprk | Concept, Roman Zhuravlyov
Legos, Fan, Mech, Army, Autos, Robot, Futuristic, Reference, Auto
Porter Transport, walter kim
a police car is shown on a gray background with an orange and blue stripe around the top
Robocop — Fausto De Martini
a toy motorcycle is on display in a museum
La batmobile de Justice League se dévoile
three different types of armored vehicles
an armored vehicle is shown in two different pictures
four different views of an off road vehicle
Buggy 05, Syllix