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5 easy ways to give a terracotta plant pot a new look | Growing Spaces

Inspired ideas for family interiors As I impatiently wait for my houseplants to grow bigger, I've realised that actually a few of them probably need replanting into bigger pots to encourage g

Si vous avez pour objectif d’atteindre ou améliorer vos grands écarts, le yoga vous offre plusieurs postures qui peuvent vous aider. Voici 8 postures de yoga que vous pouvez imprimer et pratiquer plusieurs fois par semaine ou chaque jour selon votre motivation et votre disponibilité afin de gagner en souplesse pour les écarts. Commencez par [&hellip

fitnessloveaffair: Yoga for the Splits Print this out and practice these poses everyday to gain flexibility for the splits. Start by holding each pose for 30 seconds on each side. Work your way up to minutes as your muscles start to open up.

This is very helpful. My instructor told me this too. It just takes a bit of practice to get used to that, I guess.

How to avoid wrist pain in yoga! Something I hear from beginner students all the time is that when in downward dog their wrists hurt. Here are some of the most simple ques to avoid wrist pain.

The Rise of Indoor Rowing, the Next Big Thing in Group Fitness

Group rowing classes like CityRow, Row House and Throwback Fitness are the next boutique fitness craze.