Le chat dans la nuit de Tatyana Rodionova. J'aime le travail au crayon de plomb, ça donne à l'oeuvre une aura de mystère.

FOG by Robert Frost. The fog comes on little cat feet. Cat at night ~ artist Tatyana Rodionova

Ce qui est réel, réalisé par John Brooker, un retraité de 75 ans qui vit dans le Norfolk, au Royaume-Uni. Chat Topiary potable d'un lac

This is by John Brooker, a retiree aged 75 who lives in Norfolk, UK - "Topiary Cat Drinking from a Lake.


This series of collages, titled “Natural Act” is the work of Istanbul artist Merve Özaslan. What a fun, gorgeous reminder that all of us, even the big city dwellers, are in fact part of nature!

Face in the Bush ~ multiple exposure shot by talented photographer Archie Campbell that artistically represents our connection with nature despite the technological age we live in

Picture of the Day: Face Plant In this capture by photographer Archie Campbell, we see his sister’s silhouette in a plant. The technique is known as multiple exposure, in this case it’s a double exposure (since it’s composed of two photographs).

Double Exposure portrait. I'm still working on perfecting digital exposure. Can't wait to try this out!

The silhouette of the girl fading into the forest is a great use of Photoshop. The message of the picture may not be clear to everyone, but the design is very well done. The contrast between black and white is always a nice aspect to incorporate.

dans la maison de mes rêves il pleut du bonheur de toutes les couleurs

Affiche dans la maison de mes rêves

Magnifique illustration de Marie Danjou de Petit Sweet in the house of my dreams rains happiness of all colors

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