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Where to Travel According to Astrological Sign

Venecia Italia

Venice, Italy - The Grand Canal. Great memories of our day in Venice. Yes we took a gondola ride! I hope to go back one day and wander a little. This MUST be on your Bucket List!

Lake  garda italy

Piève & Brasa Schlucht ~ Lago di Garda Tremosine Lombardy, Italy I love this old world charm!

Duomo di Milano. One of my favourite places. Breathtakingly beautiful and you can go to the roof and walk around among the nooks and crannies. Views are amazing and it's so central.

Last supper Milan is the main sight in the Italy most of the foreign peoples ant the Italian peoples love this sight. The Milan Italy attractions is the well known tourist spot, here you can enjoy you vacations in a fine manner.