France  ·  QR codes et motifs à refaire soi-même, ici, vous avez tout pour faire votre ville ACNL!
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fall-down-and-die:      Here is Frisk’s sweater as request. Hope you like it

I made a lab coat with a dress for my town's resident astronomer, Vela. The little gold bit is supposed to be a badge.

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foxyphantom: “ ~STARRY ACNL PATH~ The first path I’ve ever tried to make! I had an idea of making a spacey-themed town and walking on a night sky between locations just seemed like a really cool idea. It’s simple, but here it is for anyone wanting to.

animalcrossing-nl-qrcodes:  Napstablook from Undertale

my name is claudia and you can find qr codes for animal crossing here! I also post non qr code related stuff so if you're only here for the qr codes please just blacklist my personal tag.