TOLD YOU SO. sincerely, your intuition.

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When I lost my memory I had to rely on this. After learning to meditate it came easy.I don't remember a lot but thanks to my intuition i recall some.feelings mostly.


Maturity is Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind, selfrespect, values, morals or self worth. — Unknown Auth

35 Inspirational Quotes about Life #Inspirational #Quotes

35 Inspirational Quotes about Life

Theres a big diffences daddy. I don't hate u I love u tbh its that I hate the person u have becomed I want my daddy that's it

Je n'ai plus d'énergie pour les relations insignifiantes, les amitiés forcées ou encore les conversations inutiles.

I have no more energy for insignificant relations, forced friendships, or useless conversations.

Il y a toujours une cause à effet . ... Quand il n'y a plus aucuns intérêts en communs . C'est qu'il est temps de faire autrement ...

"When you let go of certain people in your life, it doesn't mean that you hate them, it means simply that you respect yourself.

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