Age: 12 She is very shy. But she likes to draw people she sees and making up stories for them. Adopted by me! and I'm and love to draw.

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She has a boyfriend named mason. She has 3 older brothers. Her mom and dad died at the same time.

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I am going on a modelling tour! I am allowed to bring 5 friends! Those friends are: Ryan, Ally, Josh, Belle, and Tracy!

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Laurena is She loves Geology and black. Her mother was killed in an armed bank robbery, and her father was a drug addict. Please adopt her. NOTE: This is a closed adoption.


This is Amelia, and she is she loves sports and Starbucks coffee. Her fav Disney princess is secretly Rapunzel. Please adopt!

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Danaë is She loves to swim and sing. She is a bundle of joy and brings happiness.

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hi this is brionny she was unwanted as a baby but aged 12 she has grown into a lovely young girl she loves and everything especially animals plz adopt