Yves Klein “Blue Monochrome”, 1961 Yves Klein. Dry pigment in synthetic polymer medium on cotton over plywood. International Klein Blue is a deep blue hue first mixed by Klein. IKB’s visual impact comes from its heavy reliance on ultramarine, as well as Klein’s often thick and textured application of paint to canvas.

Yves Klein - “Blue Monochrome”, 1961 Dry pigment in synthetic polymer medium on cotton over plywood

Yves Klein: have kids soak sponges in paint and attach to board.

"Blue Angel" by Yves Klein, this is one of my favorite paintings I saw at the Art Institute Museum, years ago that I love because it is my favorite blue, "Klein Blue".

Yves Klein, Untitled Anthropometry (ANT, 123), 1961 #pavelife #art #inspiring

Yves Klein, Untitled Anthropometry (ANT, 1961 The body creates the artworks

Yves Klein, The Monotone Symphony (1949, rec. March 9, 1960) there was a live orchestra playing whilst the bodies were being dragged through the paint..sound! live sound?!?

Preview: Mike Giant "I Know You're Out There" @ Pretty Pretty Collective, SF

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