fiatgirlaotw 20 Mind Provoking and Creative Ads

20 Mind Provoking and Creative Ads

fiatgirlaotw 20 Mind Provoking and Creative Ads / girl and a ballon / type / poster / design / layout / black and white / grid / ad /

Five Plus

The creator of these logos has used a unique approach to typography. By playing with and arranging letters, very creative logos were formed. These simple, yet interesting logos are an example of the power that typography can have in design.

Type Based: Simple word but creatively designed to make the word into an image as well.

By using the n's in tunnel to create a tunnel they are creating a really cool yet simple composition. I think when it comes to word play the most simple yet affective compositions are the ones that stand out the most.

French site for some really visual type. I really like the smokey effect of this particular one.

100 Magnifiques visuels de typographie

This page, albeit in French, has 100 beautiful typography examples; the algorithmic-styled art is great.

36 Creative Yet Smart Logo Design Examples by Quillo Creative

36 Creative Yet Smart Logo Design Examples by Quillo Creative "I thought these were really smart as well as visual stimulating I like how all the logos reflect what they are in the words.

Cos'è? Esempio tipografia con messaggio Conteso? Immagine trovata su Pinterest Materiali usati: computer per elaborazione grafica Perché è interessante? E' un'immagine estremamente semplice ma che nella sua semplicità fa trasparire un messaggio chiaro e diretto. La lettere O rende da sola il significato della stessa parola. La realizzazione fa in modo che con una lettura veloce non ci si accorga della O ma che comunque si legga FOCUS.

It seems I have a thing for liking simple types of fonts. This type puts the word into use by making everything outside of the "focus" circle blurry and everything inside of it super sharp and easy to read. The circle acts as a view finder for cameras as

¿Con serif o sin serif? ¿Combinar o no? Son algunas cuestiones que se despejan gracias a la agencia DesigMantic, especializada en el diseño de logotipos, que dicta de acuerdo a su experiencia los 10 mandamientos a seguir para elegir el tipo de fuente indicado y conseguir un diseño armonioso y además causar impacto.

Serás un pecador si no sigues estos 10 mandamientos para elegir la tipografía perfecta

Great ideas here in the 10 Commandments of Typography for designing future resumes.: Great ideas here in the 10 Commandments of Typography for designing future resumes.

Sankara Hotel image design (original size: 581x6793px)

Design Process at its best>>> Sankara Hotel / Branding / Identity / Logo / Process / sketch / inspiration / zebra / stripes / pattern / stationery / business card / signs

#push #logo #verbicon Word as Image!

Very simple, not an extreme showcase of experimental, but it does show the play on letterforms to show the action word.

Gráfica Inspiration # 3: 10 identidades visuales para descubrir el nuevo año 2015 | BlogDuWebdesign

Inspiration graphique #3 : 10 identités visuelles à découvrir pour ce début d'année 2015

Like the Logo A Panzer, Büro für Architektur Brand Identity via Design made in Germany. I love the versatility that goes with the simplicity of this design.

Topic 5: Embellished word aesthetics This word has embellishment all throughout the word because all of the letters look like straws. The visual substitution and punctuation is the straw replacing the i. _______________________________________________________No Original description.

a class assignment. Decided to use the idea straws to form the word "drink" done on adobe illustrator, font: myraid pro Drink Typography