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a drawing of a woman in white dress with her back turned to the camera, looking down
White dress by rpintor on DeviantArt
"White dress" by on #deviantART
an aerial view of a skate park with many people
bat-yam-playground-01 « Landscape Architecture Platform
four different views of the same street from above
talmon biran architecture composes interactive zen garden... - a grouped images picture
talmon biran architecture composes interactive zen garden - created via
a little boy playing in a play house made out of wood and white plastic, while another child looks on from the other side
Smørblomsten Kindergarten by COBE - Nordic Design
Smørblomsten Kindergarten by COBE in Denmark. The architects broke down the large building with varied scales, spaces and courtyards
an aerial view of people walking on the sidewalk in front of a park with yellow benches
The Goods Line, by ASPECT Studios, in Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
a young boy is running around in the park with an orange path and trees on both sides
Vanke-City-Locus-Architects-004 « Landscape Architecture Platform
Vanke-City-Locus-Architects-004 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
three people standing in front of a blackboard with drawings on it
visible certainty
cartographic ping pong tables Art that you can play on!!
two people sitting on top of a white table in a room filled with lots of windows
Jerry House by Onion
Jerry House by Onion - Frameweb #architecture #design
people laying on the ground next to each other
people are walking around an outdoor basketball court
NL Architects basket playground, bar 2003 Utrecht NL
people are sitting and standing on the top of a red staircase with glass railings
This incredible giant ‘Couch’ building cleverly doubles as both bleachers and a clubhouse, underneath
Amsterdam’s smart and beautiful urban architecture has just been expanded with a playful new addition. MVRDV recently completed The Couch, a vermillion clubhouse for east Amsterdam’s IJburg tennis club that cleverly doubles as sculptural spectator seating. Inspired by the waters of the adjacent IJMeer Lake, the wavy multifunctional structure minimizes the building footprint and boasts high energy-efficient technologies and eco-friendly materials.
a group of people standing on top of a parking lot covered in rainbow colored lines
two children are standing in the grass near a red and white painted path that looks like a curve
BUGA playground, Munich, 2005 - Playscapes
BUGA playground, Munich, 2005
an artist's rendering of a futuristic city with colorful structures and trees in the background
slow ottawa on Twitter
Deep valleys, a bridge and a giant slide are elements of the Carve-designed Zorlu Playground in Istanbul. Click image for link to tweet and visit the boards >>
three different images of the outside of a building with wood tiles on it's sides
lululemon — Brothers Dressler
Brothers Dressler together with the Lulelemon Design Team and Quadrangle Architects have designed and created the facade and various elements of the Lululemon Yorkdale retail store in Toronto, Canada. #fachada.
many children are running around in front of a building that is made out of wood and metal
Gallery of Nursery School Extension / graal architecture - 1
Gallery - Nursery School Extension / graal architecture - 1
many people are swimming in the water under a bridge and some have their feet up
National Geographic Your Shot
Urban Boulder Vienna Photo by Sebastian Wahlhuetter -- National Geographic Your Shot
there is a skateboard ramp in the middle of this pool and it looks like an upside down playground
Inspired international playgrounds
Dutch landscape design outfit, Carve, have created some stunning playgrounds. Melis Stoke Park in The Hague was designed for children with disabilities, yet is challenging for all children. It has a wooden climbing wall with hundreds of round climbing holds and an ‘inner’ play area with a rope swing, sandpit and more. It’s a nice example of fantastic design at a small scale.
people are walking and riding bikes on the sidewalk in front of an overpass with trees
James Corner Field Operations Will Design Miami’s Underline
James Corner Field Operations Will Design Miami’s Underline | The Dirt
an aerial view of people sitting on benches and tables in the middle of a park
UTS-09-MAY-(c)-FLORIAN-GROEHN-31 « Landscape Architecture Platform
multiple images of different shapes and sizes of umbrellas
Youth Factory: Selgas Cano Architects
With a curvaceous skate park that can be used for skateboarding, rollerblading, or cycling, a large climbing wall, an open amphitheater encouraging shows, as well as music and dancing, what teenager would stay away? The open and inviting structure, meant to welcome all, is supported by the oval pods that house the activity rooms as well as the offices. I’d say the whole edifice screams fun.
many people are sitting on some white steps
POLA-Freundschaftsinsel-06 « Landscape Architecture Platform
POLA-Freundschaftsinsel-06 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
a baby sitting in the sand under a tree
KAGOME, ppag architects, Vienna, Austria
an aerial view of a play area in a park
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ASPECT Studios, Isabella Williams Memorial Reserve Playground, Victoria Australia
an aerial view of a basketball court in the middle of a city park with trees and benches
NYC School Playgrounds: They Aren’t Just for Recess Anymore - WEF Highlights
NYC Green Playground - Boerum Hill 261 After
an outdoor tennis court with blue tarps and trees in the background, surrounded by tall buildings
s06-nippaysage-Paul-BruchÇsi « Landscape Architecture Platform
s06-nippaysage-Paul-BruchÇsi « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
an outdoor play area in the middle of a park with buildings in the back ground
Interlace-playground-singapore-by-Carve-01 « Landscape Architecture Platform
Interlace w Singapurze | Carve