DIY: painted wooden spoons

Little Bit Funky: painting wooden spoons! This would look awesome in the kitchen displayed like art. Find cheap used wooden spoons and paint in kitchen colors!


lights project inspiration

wire work city skyline, diy, baling wire, make for kitchen What a fun idea to try with loose lamp cord

wooden bowling set

this is the awesomest wooden bowling set i've EVAR seen, not that i see many, and i WANT :D this just looks so cute and sweet and vintagey!

ShanValla Milkbottles

Hand cast, porcelain milk bottle with gold stopper. Glazed on the inside for easy cleaning after use. Made from an original English vintage glass milk bottle. by Shan Valla

Vista Del Valle in Sonoma, California by Zimmerman and Associates

Vista Del Valle / Zimmerman and Associates