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Phryne Fisher's Finery ~ Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries #Essie Davis

The Hon Phyrne Fisher (Essie Davis) in the TV series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries set in Melbourne. It's based on the wonderful books by Kerry Greenwood.

Miss Fisher

I suspect you are right on the fabric MB spoke about using saris etc in one of the BTS vids.

miss fisher | Tumblr

Welcome to a special edition of Fangirl Phryday, celebrating the Honorable Phryne (pronounced fry-NEE) Fisher, lady detective. The finale of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries season 3 just aired…

Miss Fisher : Galerie Photos

Australian Essie Davis, as Miss Phryne Fisher star of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. How refreshing to see a beautiful, curvaceous woman instead of the usual anorexic stick. Essie Davis is a gorgeous delight!

fisher 1

Exclusively published for the series 3 exhibition, the Miss Fisher Costume Exhibition catalogue is a rare and in-depth look behind the scenes at the costumes of