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Nous vous présentons la collection WoodUpp Create - une révolution dans la décoration intérieure, conçue exclusivement pour les panneaux WoodUpp.
✅2023, à votre tour de découvrir nos adhésifs : arche, mur tasseau, film dépoli vitre ...

mur effet tasseaux

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Our one-of-a-kind indoor moss wall art embodies serenity, natural appeal, and elegance. Using naturally preserved Moss, we create sustainable, maintenance-free, long-lasting moss art pieces. Each piece we create is perfectly unique and created to fulfill your needs for tranquility, serenity, and love for nature.

It looks amazing both vertically and horizontally, please select your preference so that hanging hardware can be installed accordingly.


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Фитокартина Лицо природы – заказать на Ярмарке Мастеров – GVBIHRU | Фитокартины, Москва #картина #фитокартина #мох #хендмейд #купить

verts neutres

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Upgrade your decor with the exceptional beauty of real, preserved moss art, created by WhiteHaus Living.  These hexagons are part of the Eden Collection and are assorted with dried flowers and natural elements. Brighten your walls with nature's rainbow and bring positive energy into your room(s). While gazing on this moss art collage, you will be transported to the great outdoors.   Real lush, preserved mosses and ferns are the stars of these pieces. Mini pinecones are included as well.  Each cr


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an art piece with flowers and grass on it
Rainbow of flowers
a green wall with flowers and leaves on it
Wall Art.Nature Room Decor. Modern wall art. Real Moss. Moss frame. Chartreuse green Moss Wall
two wooden bowls filled with green plants and rocks on top of each other, sitting side by side in front of the words vue duciel
Tableau végétal haut de gamme. Fleurs séchées et végétaux stabilisés. Forêt Vue du ciel Miroir
a green plate with flowers and plants on the top is hanging on a wall in front of a window
a moss wall with colorful flowers on it in a living room or dining room area
a wooden frame filled with lots of different colored flowers and moss growing on top of it
Living Moss Wall Art, Nature Inspired Decor, Indoor Green Walls, Ideal for Work Environments, Preserved Moss Decor, Floral Artistry
three framed pictures with flowers on the wall above a bed in a yellow walled room
Rainbow Moss Wall Art Preserved Moss Wall Decor Living Room Colorful Art Office Decor Triptych Art Handmade Gift Wall Art - Etsy
Rainbow Moss Wall Art Preserved Moss Wall Decor Living - Etsy Panama
a box filled with lots of green moss covered in hand and fingers reaching for it
Preserved Bun Moss | Light Green - Small Box
Preserved Bun Moss | Light Green - Small Box. If you are creating a moss wall or moss frame this essential component sets of your design, Bun Moss or Ball Mosses are preserved and stabilized and require no watering,daylight or maintenance of any kind. If you are creating a moss wall or moss frame this essential component sets of your design. #mosswalls #homeoffice #naturewalls #natureinteriors #wowwall #preservedplants #interiordesign #classroomdesign #nature