Quelques tilesets pour donner du style à nos fonds de carte
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a map with lots of green and white areas
Mapbox Lichtenstein
a blue background with white lines and an image of a city map in the center
Mapbox Blue Printed
a large map with lots of red paint on the top and bottom half of it
Mapbox Wheatpaste
a map showing the location of several trails in the area that are marked with markers
Mapbox Woodcut
a map showing the number of people living in this area, with orange dots indicating where they are
Mapbox Sherlock
a map with dots on it and the names of different locations in each city area
Space Station
Mapbox Space Station
an image of a map that looks like it is in the middle of some water
Vintage Blue
Mapbox Vintage Blue
a gray and white map with lines on it
Unimposed Topography
Mapbox Unimposed Topography
an image of a map with the location of many places on it, including buildings and trees
Mapbox Subtle Greyscale
a black and white map with lots of lines on it's sides, all in different directions
Roadtrip at Night
Mapbox Roadtrip At Night
a red map with white lines on it
Red Alert
Mapbox Red Alert
a green map shows the location of different areas
Mapbox Nightvision
a map with blue lines on it that shows the locations of various streets in london
Neutral Blue
Mapbox Neutral Blue
a map that shows the locations of different areas in london, including streets and parks
Homage to Toner
Mapbox Homage To Toner
a green map with yellow spots in the middle and on top of it is an area that appears to be very large
Deep Green
Mapbox Deep Green