(Alexander_timber_solid_1) on pourrait aussi changer les formes pour intégrer des grains de café. Le bois évoque le grain de café, le marc de café, l'exotisme

Revêtement mural en bois

London-based design practice, Giles Miller Studio, specialises in the development of truly innovative surfaces for interior, hospitality and retail design projects

Preciosa manta

Bird's Nest Blanket pattern by Tammy DeSanto

The textures and patterns in these blankets look so nice! Perfect for a cozy winter!

Lavage, nettoyage, essorage, séchage et repassage de la laine

wool fabric, perfect for a cozy winter! I would use this to make a nice coat, blazer, or wrap.

Filip Eremita photographie les Champignons (18)

Filip Eremita photographie les Champignons

I've been a mushroom hunter for my whole life. I can remember my grandma taking me to the woods when I was a little boy, encountering all kinds of wild animals, plants and mushrooms. But I kinda found something special in mushrooms though, so I started

DIY Arm knitting merino wool.

"A single stitch of the Ohhio blanket is 3 inches and the blanket’s overall thickness is a whopping 2 inches. Made from up to 10 lbs of merino wool, these big stitch blankets give the feeling of weight and warmth to keep you cozy all winter long.

Hello there - says Rufin the Bear - can I stay here on the coach for a while? Well, why not, Mr Bear, your are soft and huggy!  This is a small

Woodland plush bear, animal shaped pillow, gray animal soft toy, big stuffed animals, woodland baby shower, woodland creature, kids soft toy

Tapis en jonc de mer  Dimensions : 150cm X 75cm  Cadre / Finition ton sur ton A réaliser facilement ici : http://www.decoweb.com/tapis-sur-mesure.php?gclid=COr_oNSpkrsCFRIPtAodJEsArQ

I’ve noticed more and more people choosing natural-fiber rugs lately. If you’ve read some of my earlier entries, you already know that I am a fan of natural rugs (although synthetic rugs have their place, too). Natural-fiber rugs are durable,.

Aujourd'hui j'ai...: ... un pull pour ma tasse

I will cut it from a sweater then add the little envelope until I learn how to knit. Knitted cup cozy for the tea or coffee drinker in your life. If only I could knit!


The Trenza Taupe pouf from Gan comes in two sizes and makes a great pouf or ottoman in any living space.