{source} In the lane, snow is glistening.{source}A beautiful sight. We’re happy tonight.{source} Walking in a winter wonderland.{source}Wishing you joy this Christmas season!

This photo creates a sensitive visual ambience. As a tip to designers, you can create this fog atmosphere in Photoshop.


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Puppy and Fawn

This is so beautiful to see this dog an fawn together. It so cute One of the cutest pictures ever! Puppy and baby deer. The puppy is all like "Will you be my friend?" Makes my heart go squee!


paper collage print by Darrah Gooden. Just a few tiny slivers of tissue paper and she was able to convey movement and personality in each animal.

A stylish young Kenya woman holding her pet goat. Underwood and Underwood 1909. Mombassa, Kenya.

A Stylish Young Kenyan Woman Holding Her Pet Deer

'A young Kenyan woman holds her pet deer, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Kenya, Africa.' (Underwood & Underwood/The National Geographic/Christie’s Images)

Plastic Deer, A Family of Six, Woodland Creatures- Perfect for Snow Globes and Diorama Art

Snow Globe Deer, and Diorama Art- Plastic Deer, A Family of Six, Woodland Creatures