Une grille simple et très pratique. Garde-la, elle te sera utile.

Learning French or any other foreign language require methodology, perseverance and love. In this article, you are going to discover a unique learn French

Here’s a list of the best French comics to get you learning French the fun way! For beginners all the way through to advanced language learners. + I shared a list of bilingual webcomics available online, completely free! Yup! Free! https://www.talkinfrench.com/french-comics-learn-french/ Do not hesitate to share

15 Great French Comics to Learn French

For language learners, reading a long text or book can be incredibly scary; it’s a wall of words, making you feel overwhelmed.

These French discussion posters are the perfect way to get students talking…

'Qu'est ce que tu aimes?' French Discussion Poster and Cards

Prépositions transport en/à

You will be able to speak like a native, to natives, and have them slapping you on the back and saying that you're the one person that understands them.

ALL ABOUT FRENCH ADJECTIVES #french #language #grammar

A Complete and Easy Guide to French Adjectives

French Adjectives: The complete guide French Adjectives can be one of the most colorful parts of speech. If you think, you know enough about the adjectives. You can also check it out this huge list.

Once upon a time I studied abroad in Lyon, France, for five months. It was good times. I lived with a host family and attended a Fre...

The 25 Most Useful French Phrases I Learned While Studying in France