Il y a des attrape-nigauds tout aussi bêtes, dans les pubs tv.

Tout à fait moi!

"I speak three languages: French, Second-degre, and sexual undertones.

Gym du week end

As we prepare for a joyful Christmas, we wish you a very safe, festive and fun holiday. In the event you are traveling and unable to exercise, we endorse and suggest the holiday workout below. With Christmas love! Leave a comment

Mot de trahison - Confidentielles

Quotes and inspiration about Life QUOTATION - Image : As the quote says - Description Mot de trahison - Confidentielles

Mot décoiffé - Confidentielles

I think my hair had a party without me last night ; Funny french quote, that's me every morning ^^


Red Lipstick Gets Sick And Dies Kamwei aka BoAndFriends (Malaysia) - Kitty from The Furry Thing series Drawings