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Love tattoos, but changing your mind often? This beautiful Rifle Paper Co. + Tattly temporary tattoos are free at their NY Now booth a…

Les 50 tatouages les plus sexy repérés sur Pinterest

Les 50 tatouages les plus sexy repérés sur Pinterest

Number tattoo: Whatever your lucky number is, it's sometimes nice to have it in a place MOST people can't see. I like this idea--the number 11 inked here is slightly off kilter--the lines not as straight as I'd like.but nice pic!

Quoi de plus joli d'un tatouage fleuri ? Découvrez notre sélection de tattoos colorés, romantiques et plein de douceur dénichés sur Pinterest. Plus

20 tatouages fleuris dont on rêve

Une sélection des tatouages de l'artiste argentin Luciano Del Fabro, qui utilise une belle maitrise technique pour créer des compositions délicates mêlant

Les tatouages délicats de Luciano Del Fabro

A selection of the tattoos of Argentine artist Luciano Del Fabro, who uses a fine technical mastery to create delicate compositions combining animals, nature o

Les tatouages à base de lignes géométriques et de points de Bicem Sinik  2Tout2Rien

One can't help but be reminded of Dr. Woo's style, when viewing these tattoos by Bicem Sinik. Similar to Woo, the Istanbul, Turkey-based artist infuses geo

tatuajes de flores a color brazo

Vibrant Rose - These Watercolor Tattoos Remarkably Bring Paint To Life - Photos

Tattoos by Expanded Eye

Artists Jade Tomlinson and Kev James of Expanded Eye split their time between London and Thonon-les-Bains, France where they pursue a wide range of artistic endeavors including illustration, street art, and tattoos.