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a squirrel is being fed with an electric toothbrush
Забавные Животные 2470
Забавные Животные 2470 Check more at
several small turtles sitting in the palm of someone's hands
squeaky squeak squeak!
squeaky squeak squeak!
a rat sitting on its hind legs looking out a window at the grass and sky
Deer, Dreams, Friends, Country Life, People, Cats, Golden Retriever, Fairy
a baby giraffe with bandages on its neck
Depois de ser abandonada pela mãe, bebê girafa precisa de receber nutrientes via intravenosa, veja detalhes! - Diário de Biologia
several cows are lined up behind a wooden fence
a large whale swimming in the ocean next to a person on a boat with it's head above water
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a herd of cows standing on top of a grass covered field next to flowers and trees