I'm a Gemini, but born with three planets in fire signs including Mars in Aries the strongest planet in its strongest sign..I can relate to Aries in this

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Found this quote. The original said it is a description of the Aries women. Not sure how accurate that is but this definitely fits me, plus I'm an Aries ♈️

Je suis super fatigué !!

Je suis super fatigué !!

I'm super tired. It's like being tired but with a cape!

-do you believe life is more beautiful after death ? - it depends. After death…

Oui, il va le réparer...

Mesdames, quand un homme vous dit qu'il va le réparer

Mesdames, quand un homme vous dit qu'il va le réparer.

Je suis désolé de t'avoir blessé en te traitant de con, je pensais que tu le savais déjà.

I am sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you an asshole, I really thought that you already knew that


Even throwing money out the windows (french phrase for wasting money, "down the drain"), at least try to aim mine !