My Minimalist Workspace

Today I'm finally revealing my minimalist workspace with you! Come and tour the space where all the magic happens for The Beautydojo!

Une Décoration style campagne et shabby chic scandinave - FrenchyFancy

Le style campagne chic

black industrial lights with black wall in modern barn house with white walls and mismatched white chairs. / via sfgirlbybay / victoria smith - Modern Dining

rangement sous escalier ouvert élégant, paniers tressés et déco cottage chic

Rangement sous escalier et idées d'aménagement alternatif


My perfect cosy living room! Someone please buy me a sofa just like this :-). but maybe in a more grey shade- I cannot be trusted with this much white

Salon ambiance nature chic, sol en béton ciré, miroirs | soft and naturel living room

Feng Shui In Living Room With Mirrors Behind The Sofa And Black Vases And Wicker Basket And Rustic Coffee Table And Pebble Bottom And Ceramic Floor : Feng Shui In Living Room - Strandedwind Home Inspiration

Le blanc, couleur de l'été par excellence

[ PI ] Le blanc, entre pins et océan

Greys and wood deco styling ideas with chunky and delicate textures for this Deco Friday! Just ideas and yarn textures that caught my eye, enjoy!