L'Wren Scott autumn/winter 2009/2010 |

Now I just need to Body to go with the dress. L'Wren Scott autumn/winter I have a vintage dress that reminds me of the one on the left and I can't wait to wear it -- Eatl

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Queen of ravens by Maria Daranova, via Behance. Maybe get rid of the feathers<< Why would you get rid of the feathers? You're Queen of the Ravens!

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Made of keyboard keys

keyboard tuxedo for geeks. no idea where or why I'd ever wear something like this, or even if it wouldn't be the most uncomfortable thing in the world, but dangit this is cool looking!

Danny Cardozo and stylist Danny Santiago team up for a gothic glam beauty story

FGR Exclusive

pandasliebenerdbeeren:  Gothic | Dark Entries :)= on We Heart It.

spookyloop: “Photo: Bourbaki Photography Model: Iren Mirror Make-up: Anna Cartes Styling and clothes: Bibian Blue (x) Boudoir Satin Corset Dress, ”

Queen Desiree (La Busqueda 2 by ~Costurero-Real)

Medieval, Renaissance, Fantasy, Pre-rraphaelism and other beautiful things. I will post many photographies mades with my costumes. Im a costume designer from Spain.