Ok, so it might be 2 or so months until Halloween but that doesn't mean we can't get excited now. We were determined to have a bomb AF outfit this year, but turns out we might not need to bother with clothes because we have discovered face and body painter Natalie (https://www.instagram.com/natzbuzz/).  Natalie regularly transforms herself into different Disney characters and trust us, these aren't your average Disney princesses.  We hope that's not real puppy blood.

These Disney Makeup Transformations Are Giving Us Serious Halloween Inspo

If you're already searching for Halloween inspiration, look no further than face painter, Natalie Costello. The from Dublin, regularly transforms into Disney and fictional characters.

Maquillage Halloween: 99 inspirations pour le visage

Maquillage Halloween: 99 inspirations pour le visage

maquillage Halloween: princesse indienne Pocahontas

Costumes et maquillage Halloween-de vraies histoires horreur

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Dark harlequin make up - AMAZING Halloween costume idea that could also be used for a circus party.