Something Inside Brooch  by Sissi Westerberg sick pocket wedge

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As part of my couture collection I need to produce a series of Art Nouveau/ Art Deco inspired headdresses to really accessorise the garments; I had a bash at it rather than employing a milliner and spending huge sums of money and the resulting headdresses

Leandro Cano F/W 2014

Leandro Cano F/W I try not to post anything with feathers, leathers, and never fur. I'd like to be able to source ethically-obtained feathers for my designs.


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Pap(i)er Fashion At The Museum Bellerive - Sandra Backlund, Top, Spring/Summer collection SE Origami paper.


1 Samba Spiral Bra, 1 Samba Heart-shape Bra and 1 Simple Samba Collar Custom Shoulder Backpack Wire Frame Designs - Custom Made (Pharaoh)

Hahaha! Awww that was my favorite thing about my old Lucky Brand jeans :( imma get me another pair :)

Always liked that detail. Lucky brand jeans especially since once you take them off it says lucky me on the other side of the zipper. On women's and men's jeans.

Ornate gold jewelry and a butterfly-topped headpiece at Giambattista Valli's Fall/Winter 2013 Haute Couture collection.

Couture Fashion Week: Top Looks From Dior, Chanel, More

"Paris Haute Couture autumn/winter Drawing a veil over costly Botox"—even more beautiful veil inspiration.