White is beautiful

Look for these at Lighthouse beach on teh high tide line. Angulate Wentletrap shells This shell always reminded me of a unicorn's horn. These are my favorite shells to find on Sanibel,

Pink oyster mushroom

Art in Nature - pink oyster mushroom; organic texture surface pattern inspirations for design ~ More fungi to LOVE!

design graphique

Processing Posters / JR Schmidt

Digital Art Computer generated processing art posters by artist and motion designer JR Schmidt. More Images on WE AND THE COLOR

Bright pink and dark yellow

This cracked paint is an upcose and clear, wide depth of feel picture of texture

Blue rocks

Colour inspiration - chalky textures and teal tones, marrs green

white #texture

This is an excellent example of TEXTURE. When you look at this art work you can see the sharp, pointy ends. In your mind you can imagine what those pointy ends would feel like -- looks like a Dahlia flower

This picture is an example of rythem by how it has the repition of the layered black blobs and helps your eye move through the piece.

facettes                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

rhubarbes: White Noiz Art Print by ThoughtCloud. (via White Noiz Art Print by ThoughtCloud