Wenlock Road Mixed-Use Development Proposal / HawkinsBrown Architects

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Metal-clad housing featuring flush detailing and boxy balconies.

Metal-clad housing by Joliark features boxy balconies

Built by Joliark in Stockholm, Sweden with date Images by Joliark/Torjus Dahl. Having nourished an unfulfilled dream of his own doll’s house since boyhood, Per Johanson of Joliark has finally seen.

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Gallery of Terrace 9 / AZC - 3

ESTEBAN by Leibar-Seigneurin, Nantes, France - 2013

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Timber cladding to balconies adds a warmth and visual interest to the white clinical form and materiality ESTEBAN / Leibar-Seigneurin

Jeremy Bittermann Photography Clyfford Still Museum ~ Allied Works Architecture - Jeremy Bittermann Photography

Visions of an Industrial Age // Clyfford Still Museum By Allied Works Architecture

Stekke + fraas - Brutopia, Brussels (2015)

Brutopia / stekke + fraas

brick and guardrails

Idealcombi Furuta+ windows and terrace doors used at Brentford Lock West, Hounslow.

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