Homemade Gift Ideas: Hand and Foot Print Gifts

Christmas Crafts: Hand and Foot Print Homemade Gifts

Hand Print Christmas Tree- My kids made the handprint tree for Christmas it turned out cute. I wish i would have done the handprints in the opposite direction tho!

Créer une étoile en pompons / A star made of bobbles

Créer une étoile en pompons

baluchon de NOEL

The French equivalent to the Christmas stockings, le baluchon de noel - a bag customized to the name of the lucky children or grown-ups, to keep all the Christmas presents.

Calendrier de l'avent tuto

Mon calendrier de l’Avent en papier kraft

Calendrier de l' avent/ sachet de thé ! À faire pour moi !!

Creative: Eleven Cute Advent Calendars (Now this is MY kind of advent calendar: Advent Tea Calendar 25 Grey and White by Red Red Completely Red, via Etsy)