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** Soooo sweet!

Here we have another one of those vicious pit bulls ready to attack this poor child. I'm sorry but I hate pit bull haters! Not bad dogs. Pit bulls are like guns perfectly safe unless in the hand of an person who uses it to do wrong!

This giant Schnauzer in Australia helps children to walk as he does his hospital rounds. Love his ID.

The healing power of animals.Ralf, the giant Schnauzer who helps children to walk as he does his hospital rounds at the Royal Childrens' Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. He even has his own official staff ID card!

Cat lovers everywhere like nothing more than a hug and kiss from their feline friends.

Ana Julia Torres was kissed by a lion. Ana rescued Jupiter, an African lion, from a circus in Colombia six years ago. He was extremely malnourished after having been badly mistreated. Ana runs a shelter for sick and mistreated animals.