this is amazing

Hello Kitty - Masculine Superheroes With Sparkly Pink Costumes - Photoshop Experts Captain America and Ganfolf look the most realistic lol. Although Tony Stark's Iron Man suit seems legit given that he would rock it with no shits given.

C'est tout à fait ça !

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Les abdos !!

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Instant 6 pack, Oh yeah, that's sexy. redneck 6 packs too funny


Our Emperor Penguin Chicks Birthday card makes for a cool and cuddly way to say Happy Birthday. The inside of this 4 x 6 card readsFeel the love!


Idk what this says but this baby's face is so too funny! <<< It says "it wasn't even a plane, it was just a spoon"

Les fruits et légumes aux formes bizarres sont tendance. Ils reviennent en force face à la dictature du calibrage obligatoire opéré dans les rayons de supermarchés. On les appelle aussi les gueules cassées car ils défient les normes en vigueur et grandissent comme ils veulent au gré des caprice...

Keep eating real foods. How do sweeter berries like this taste after the Program? – I Quit Sugar

Grappige Plaatjes, Grappige Foto's, Grappige Afbeeldingen

What a terrible design idea? What person is inspired by the idea to design a kids' playground toy off the image of children being graded like fresh cheese! But I guess it's sorta funny.

Trop bien fait. Plus d'images drôles disponibles sur

Amazing! This Photographer Uses iPhone To Perfectly Blend TV & Film Characters With Real Life

Attention, le Nutella fait rétrécir les jeans

Attention, le Nutella fait rétrécir les jeans