My cat does this ALLLLL the time

I love when kitties sleep on their faces!- My cat does this all the time and it's adorable!

Those eyes beautiful black panther. Fun fact: Black panthers can adapt to any climatic condition and survive both cold and warm environment. This is the reason why they have been able to survive even after the endangerment of their habitats by rapid defo

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(I have one of these, Table cat, counter cat, stove top cat, etc.

I swear! I was trying to email you but I was having technical difficulties.

“Why can’t I just sleep right now and think about life later? 22 Cats Who Have No Idea What They're Doing With Their Lives

Seulement à Paris et pas aillieurs...

I think it's a Mountain Lion.A collection of images & designs that inspire my creative heart & fuel my creative soul.

face in hole #cats

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