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WHY DO CATS MEOW? Top Reasons Your Cats Meow!

doggiedrawings: “ NEW: Cat Language! A big thank you to the Training and Behavior Dept of Oregon Humane Society for their help with cat body language information. I have been a cat-less dog person for.


Fidèle joueur :) >> this comic really shows you that you can't see how much you care about someone until they're gone.

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i don't speak french for the caption, but must be something like a kangarroo pouch

Les Chats Ninja – Québec Meme +

20 Chats Ninja qui ont parfaitement maîtrisé l’art ancien du Ninjutsu

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Kitty Speak - this is interesting. some people believe that because cats have different "tail" language than dogs this is the reason for their feuding. But when a dog is raised as a young pup with cats, he learns cat "tail language".

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When you're in your room with your friends and your mom walks in without knocking.

Des chats avant et après avoir été sauvés

The hero's are The people ani rescued The animals. Before And After Getting Rescued