Halloween horror ideas. Scare your guests with these easy to make sceneries. "Body" in a bag and more. Link in danish. By www.shawtys.dk

Halloween Horror Ideas - Scare your guests with these easy to make scenerios - "Body in a Bag" and more.dk -(Link in Danish)-

creepy hands with painter's tape

easy creepy hands using wire and painters tape. I'd probably use regular masking tape, or even the green frog tape. if you use regular masking tape and then go over it with shoe polish I think it's supposed to look like old leather.

bonne idée de décoration

The Pink Pixie Forest: Lawn Ghost Re-Post - made with plastic paint drop cloths - need rebar posts to hold up ghost figures and paper to stuff for heads.

HALLOWEEN. Des pots de mains... Halloween !

Potted Hands - this is clearly just photoshop, but this could an easy DIY Halloween decoration using a creepy hand bought wherever Halloween decorations are sold!

Disgustoso! :D

Hauntingly Clever Halloween Party for Adults

Adam's Ribs Halloween And other recipes TOO! / I would just use my own go to rib recipe . Love the roasted pepper heart though!

Halloween's Pièce de résistance!

PP said- You could easily make this with the dollar store hands, love the light.reminds me of bioshock. I say, what dollar store has hands? But I could definitely do this with doll arms.

Panna Cotta Noix de coco pour Halloween / Bloody eye panna cotta for Halloween

Oeil ensanglanté pour Halloween