Painted footprints picture.

It looks like an art studio painted white canvases and made a beach theme, painting beautiful water and sand. The kids painted their feet with brown paint and stamped it in the sand…how cool for a summer keepsake! I can just imagine younger kids doing it

How to Paint Pop Art Portrait

How to Paint Pop Art Portraits

How to Paint Pop Art Portrait, could be fun color theory project, monochromatic, complementary or analogous colors. ______ Like the portraits we did at TCES

Un effet psychédélique avec des collages de formes

Spheres in space, abstract construction paper collage. Fun for younger kids that teaches shape, balance, and color.

Lustige Frisuren mit Wasserfarbe und Strohhalmen

Draw bald head/face w Sharpie. The paint along the top of the head w watercolor paint. Then using a straw, blow the water/paint away from the face.

Bonhomme sur papier journal Fond avec bandes arc-en-ciel

Bonhomme sur papier journal Fond avec bandes arc-en-ciel

prodotti per artisti

10 Awesome Piet Mondrian Projects for Kids

Piet Mondrian's work show us the importance of focusing on what's truly important. So here're 10 Piet Mondrian projects for kids to get inspired from!