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an angel statue in front of a stained glass window
Unmoored By Adansito
an angel statue with its hands on his chin, against a clear blue sky background
Au lever du soleil
Au lever du soleil
an old drawing of angels attacking demons and demon hunters in the sky with their arms outstretched
La chute de l'armée de Satan
La chute de l'armée de Satan Illustration de Gustave Doré pour "Le Paradis perdu" de John Milton
an old painting with two angels and one is holding a shield in his hand,
Angels making music - Anges musiciens
Angels making music - Anges musiciens Circle of Bernardino Luini.
two cherubs with an open book in their hands
an angel statue holding a sceptula on top of a building
Saint Michel terrassant le dragon
Statue de Saint Michel terrassant le dragon, église Notre-Dame-des-arts, Pont-Saint-Pierre, Normandie, France.
a statue of an angel sitting on top of a book shelf next to some books
La bonne chanson
La bonne chanson Angel with old books
this is an old painting with many people in it
Le massacre des innocents
an angel statue in the middle of a cathedral
Sculpture en bronze doré de Philippe Caffieri (1766)
Sculpture en bronze doré de Philippe Caffieri (1766). Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen - Normandie, France. Site:
an ornate clock with two angels on it's face and another statue in the background
Église Saint-Nicolas, détail du retable du maître-autel
Dieu le père entouré de deux anges. Détail du retable du maître-autel de l'église Saint-Nicolas de Pont-Saint-Pierre, Eure, Normandie, France. Site :
the reflection of an angel is shown in the sky
Ange musicien dans le ciel - Musician angel in the sky
an angel statue in the middle of a foggy park
Bethesda Fountain
Bethesda Fountain in the mist, Manhattan, New-York, United States of America. La fontaine de Bethesda à New-York.
a statue of an angel with outstretched hands
Ange en l'église Saint-Gervais
Ange en l'église Saint-Gervais 📷 Jean-Francois Bouzereau
a woman laying on top of a bed next to an angel
Scultura di Giulio Monteverde
Cella Massari Zavaglia - Scultura di Giulio Monteverde. Cimitero Monumentale della Certosa di Ferrara, Italia. Ph: Nos dejò
an old building with a statue in the middle
Ange au violon
Chapelle abandonnée du domaine de Vic (Conques sur Orbiel, Aude)- Photographie de Quention Chabrot