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the man is talking on his cell phone while wearing a t - shirt that says dude
aesthetic Art «KPOP»
kim hanbin
a man hanging upside down on a pole
It's Rugby Season
It's Rugby Season – Rowing Blazers
a man standing in front of a tall building
three skateboarders are standing on the sidewalk
a man standing in front of a blue sky wearing a white t - shirt with graffiti on it
Stüssy and Carhartt WIP Craft Bespoke Capsule for Dover Street Market London and LA
a man wearing red sunglasses and a yellow hat
Série mode : Bruce Gilden suit les skateurs dans les rues de New York
a man flying through the air while wearing a blue and yellow jacket on top of his head
the album cover for yeah right
10 Skateboarding Videos You Don't Want to Miss
11 Skateboarding Videos You Don't Want to Miss: "YEAH RIGHT!" by Girl
two people kissing each other with the caption that says love is in the air
Stüssy AW16 campaign
the movie poster for fast times at ridgemont high features three women sitting on a bike
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
a skateboarder in mid air doing a trick on the edge of a swimming pool
Lords of Dogtown.