Layouts // Image focused // Muted // Grey // Magazine // Cereal magazine

Layouts // Image focused // Muted // Grey // Magazine // Cereal magazine Minimal design with straight up content.

I like the use of pattern and think it brings a certain fun energy I think the colour scheme selected for this magazine really works well. The grey and red contrast which creates something rare.


*put in binder, or use separately, bound with rubber band. Roll & Hill Catalogs by Studio Lin (punched notches in each spec sheet allow customization per customer. Use individually or bind with rubber band)

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What particularly appeals about this magazine is the use of a hardback fold out cover to display a large panoramic image. It also helps protect the delicate and cheaper paper inside, a nice way of saving money whilst protecting the work

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use of colour instead of making one page white and one page teal, maybe make the bottom background orange like the cover

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Self promotion idea. Use a simple screw fastener when assembling a document/report/promo. It's cheap and effective.